In my previous life I must’ve done something horrible. It’s the only explanation for all these setbacks. The events are too uncanny for them to not be a product of karma.

Well, it didn’t all go bad. The assembly at my student’s place went pretty smoothly. His parents seemed amazed at how complex yet straight-forward the guts of a computer are. This particular student wasn’t as interested in it as I thought he would be (he was wafting back and forth from his laptop playing games and half-listening), but his younger brother took a great interest. So much so that his mother is giving him a budget to build his own tower. I won’t say how much, but my parents never would have given me the same amount for anything at that age… Anyway, the above picture was taken later that day after I’d brought my rig back home – I’d only done the assembly there and hadn’t wired anything up. Plus I wanted to remount a few things and tidy it a bit. After that I plugged it in.

And guess what!

Turns out the motherboard was DoA :) I’d never gotten a DoA computer part before. It was all very new and exciting. No it wasn’t – it was awful D: It took a while to figure out that my old power supply wasn’t the culprit. On the plus side, Amazon is pretty amazing when it comes to returning and replacing defective items. They’ll be sending me a new one tomorrow while I send this one back.

That wasn’t so bad right? I mean defective products – *pffsh*. That must happen hundreds of thousands of times to people every day. But wait, there’s more! I had ordered a new Filco mechanical keyboard last week (for $125 D:), and I unboxed it just this morning. I hadn’t used a mechanical keyboard since my dad set me up with an IBM Model M back in the late 80s. So this Filco…

It. Feels. Amazing.

I type faster on it than on any of the membrane keyboards I have. They all feel muddy in comparison. There’s no way I can go back to them now, and yet… I will have to for a short time. Why is that, you ask?

After I came home from campus tonight, I made some soup (chicken & wild rice if you must know) and planned to eat while reading some emails, as I often do. Yeah, you know where this is going. I plopped the bowl down, IMed a greeting to one of my friends (relishing every mechanical clickity clack as I did so), and picked the bowl back up for some anticipated face stuffing. Only the soup was swishing around the bowl and my hand didn’t quite have the right balance on the bottom. I only had a couple fractions of a second to contemplate this; do I:

A) Try to dance the bowl around in a balancing act at the risk of splashing it over a wide area of my work station?

B) Completely palm the bottom of the blistering hot bowl at the risk of just letting it fall from sheer pain anyway?

C) Just let it dump all over my exposed laptop?

D) Try to press it up against my speaker to stabilize it (because my other hand was clutching a mug at the time)?

It’s a trick question – there is no right answer. They just all end in tears. Nevertheless, I went with option D because it instinctively felt like the quickest thing I could do. The soup ended up splashing over the bowl. Into the mesh of my speaker. Onto the table by my laptop. And, yes, all over my brand new Filco keyboard.

My response?


And then I quickly unplugged it and spent the next hour taking off the key caps, paper towel drying everything, and putting the caps back in place… only to find that the ‘N’ key stopped working.

Well. There’s only one thing to do in situations like these. Amazon is pretty amazing when it comes to returning and replacing defective items :)

On an unrelated note, I got a new graphic novel:

I’m going to go read it now and pretend that the past 12 hours never happened.

Next update will have my re-assembly with a working motherboard and my brand new Filco! … *sigh*