I’ll post this directly because I woke up this morning to a working internet connection. The cable TV had returned as well, sometime during the night or early morning. It meant that things were more or less back to normal at home, and the last step to getting back to life as usual was filling up the car with gas. I read more about the gas rationing online and couldn’t find anything about when it would be lifted, so I assumed that it was still happening. It was an odd day anyway, so I was allowed to fill up if I could find an open gas station.

One of my students cancelled for today – she called me pretty early in the morning, probably right before school. Most public schools were open today, with the exception of Edison High because there was still no power there. One less kiddo opened me up for some more editorial work in the afternoon. The morning was spent doing laundry though. I hadn’t done laundry in over a week. Ahh… clean underwear.

After some lunch, I ventured back down Route 1, thinking that I’d have a better chance of finding any open gas stations. It took all of a couple of minutes to discover that the corner Exxon station was doling out fuel to a just-about-empty queue. Well, that was easy. The guy didn’t even stop to check my license plate. I looked over at the other cars filling up and noticed that their plates ended in even numbers. I didn’t know if the gas rationing was still in place or not, but it didn’t seem like it was needed anymore. Knowing that I had gallons upon gallons of flammable engine fodder sloshing around in the tank lifted my spirits a bit

After a quick stop at Bank of America to deposit some cash and checks, I spent the the rest of the afternoon at the Metuchen Library, getting back to an editing task that was high priority over a week ago. They had internet, and the place was crowded, but it wasn’t hard finding a seat. I got an email from my professor saying that the campus would be up and running starting tomorrow, and asked me whether I could make it down to Union. Now, with my car full of gas, I was ready and willing, but she’d taken a tally of the entire class, and decided to cancel this week due to low attendance. Sometimes I still forget that there are parts of New Jersey that got hit much worse than we did here in Edison. After I was done with my work and my tutoring, I headed home, for the first time not eyeing my fuel meter the whole way.

Later in the evening, I downloaded and reviewed that essay my student had sent me on the day of the hurricane. Since she goes to Edison High where the power is still out, she has a few extra days off to fix it up with some edits. While marking it up, I got a funny automated call from the mayor about boiling our water. Not funny like Louis C.K.-funny, but just in that it sounded like an instructional video, minus the video. I guess I should go boil some water now. Boil it for one minute, and then let it cool before drinking it, making ice cubes with it, or brushing with it.

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