August means crabs! No explanation needed, only pictures:

Okay, maybe some explanation. These pictures were taken around late morning last Sunday as my Mom, a former student, his grandmother, and I went down to our super secret crabbing spot down on Sandy Hook. The method? Tie chicken to a string; throw it into the salt marsh; leave it for a few minutes; slowly drag it back; net the hungry crabs coming in. It was a huuuuuuge haul, but it wasn’t all without hardship. In my crabbing frenzy, I stepped into some quick-mud and cut the bottom of my foot on a shell or something. My first though: flesh-eating bacteria. (No worries – it’s fine now.)

In the cooler is what’s left after giving away about 15 crabs. There’s a poor little dead fish in there somewhere too – got caught in the net with a feisty crab. There were too many to eat right away, so we steamed them with basil & lemon and froze them for later. You know what goes well with crab? Green stuff:

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